Stories believe that eggnog got it's start in the United States of America. In 1607 eggnogg was consumed at the first settlement on mainland North America at Jamestown. It is said that Captain Smith consumed egg drinks at Jamestown but problably not what we consider eggnogg today. It was probably some form of posset, a hot cocktail of wine or ale mixed with curdled milk or eggs. Eggnogg is most often served cold rather than hot. Most eggnog is mixed with distilled spirits instead of beer or wine. Anyway you look at eggnog it is a seasonal holiday drink. Enjoy and have a great Christmas and Holiday.

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Smoking Prime Rib, I am not talking about stuffing a prime rib in you pipe, lets get real and by pass the oven and get to a delicious way to prepare your prime rib Christmas dinner. Make sure your smoker is big enough to handle your prime rib leaving at least 2 inches on either side. One pound per person makes a good serving. Your roast will shrink so allow for it or someone may go hungery, and that person could be you the magic chief. You can use gas, charcoal, pellets. Have a good meat thermometer. A disposable aluminum pan helps in the cleanup,and don't forget some high-temp food gloves. Smoking takes about 20-30 minutes per pound depending on your the way you are cooking it. Try to hold your cooking tem. at 250 degrees. Now, grab your favorite rub and get started. Your guest are waiting.

Smoking Prime Rib
Christmas Day is Movie Time

May I make some suggestions?
It's a Wonderful Life starring James Stewart (1946),
Miricale on 34th Street (1947) with Edmund Gwenn
The Bishops Wife (1947) with Cary Grant


Eggnogg, an American Invention, or is it?