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That depends on the complexity of the project. There is no set rule. One thing to keep in mind. The editing portion takes much longer then the filming. Also, the editing is where the cost is accrued. Some say that this project is simple and will need very little editing. This is wrong. Titles, captions, sound tracks, etc. is tedious and time consuming. Selecting and cutting three second clips from an hour of footage takes time, and then assembling them all together to tell your story. It is said that it takes three hours of editing for every minute of finished video, and I have found this is very close to the truth.
How soon can a video be created?
Questions and Answers
How much will a video cost me, or what is your rates?
Say It With Video rates start at $70.00 per hour.
But, we also look at the project, its complexity, or simplicity and may quote a package rate which could be lower then the hourly rate. Additional charges may apply such as travel or overnight accommodations on extended distances.
Why Should I Market my Business with Video?
There are other costs that may increase the rates, such as hiring a spokes person, or actors. But you can be assured all cost will be discussed and approved before these additional charges are applied.
Our world is changing and video is one of those changes. Paper is nearly out. With technology a video can be created, changed, and created again and sent within seconds for the client to view and make changes if needed. Our world, both senior citizens, middle and younger ages want to be entertained. Newspapers are almost obsolete as well as paper advertising. Video gives the personal touch that paper has never been able to provide.
What if I want to make changes for next year?
Say It With Video makes a folder and stores all raw and finished footage along with all graphics for up to 3 years on hard drives. If you choose to make a change to the original we will have the footage and material to easily make changes which will result in saving you money verses starting from scratch again.
Can you Live Stream an event?
Yes we can. Say It With Video can live stream through Face Book Business, You Tube, Twitter and pay streaming services. Our software can capture personalities or events and stream live around the world without you leaving your home or office. We use Telestream software.
Can you shoot aerial shots?
Yes. We have a drone with a extra ultra High Definition camera on board. There are limits to where we can fly a drone so talk to us about your project before you get all excited about aerial shots.
Please send your questions to: info@sayitwith.video, and don't forget the "Dot"
I need a video produced but your distance would be cost prohibitive. Do you have a suggestion?
Yes, and we have already dealt with your situation. If you can shoot your story we can do the magic in the editing. First: a good camera is needed. A late model phone or tablet will work. Shoot some video of what you think you want to say. Send it to us via, email. We will review your videos and contact you so we can discuss costs and all the big things like you have the jitters. (We do have software to take most jitters out of your video) Sorry, we do not do porn and reserve the right to reject projects. email us at: info@sayitwith.video, Don't forget the "dot" If we both agree on your project then we will give you pointers on what shots we feel you will need to send us for a great video you will be proud to show the world. We can also help you through the upload process if this is your first time. We may never meet face to face but the friendship we will develop will be worth it. And, we will not steal your ideas or video. We hate dishonest people.