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Family friendly movies meaning has changed a lot over the years. Growing up with "I Love Lucy" and "May Berry" with Andy Griffith has really changed. The problem with the world today is people demand "family friendly" movies that aren't so friendly. No we can not go back to the old days but we can set a trend for quality movies with values.
With our first series "Fishing the Pacific Northwest" we wanted to show the fun of fishing for the entire family. It may be suprising to many that a day charter boat fishing trip on the Pacific Northwest Coast for salmon or ling cod is lower priced than most sporting or concert ticket and lasts more hours.

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profile of winners
Winning is not everything but it sure feels good when you do win. Winning can mean different things to different people. For this four generation family they live and breath horses, and they are good at it. Nothing comes easy though. It take lots of work and dedication. They are athelets with goals. .
 three generation
2 generations
Les Schvaneveldt
lyndsie and Zack
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Great Grandpa Les
Less, Boyd, Janice, Bret
Bret, Brenda, Janice, Boyd
Lyndsie and Zack
A Flat Track Win
Profile of Winners will begin filming in Pocatello, Idaho as soon as funding is achieved. The story will take you from the early years up to the present. We will cover the joy of wins and the heart break of loses. The story is real as we take you into lives of real people. You will learn about hard work, goals, and achievments as well as some fun things like a birthday party and Halloween. Moles are a pest and will break a horses leg if stepped in. Zack contracts with neighbors to rid their fields of this pest while providing him the money he needs for entrance fees. Every boy loves his first truck and Zack is no different, but it takes responsilaty to own one.
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