This KW was home to Steve for 4 years, until the Peterbuilt came along. This Kenworth had 545,000 miles on at time of picture, taken at the Salt Lake City truck show where it took 1st place.
About SunDog Film

Who is Steve Allen

Steve Allen grew up in a small Idaho farming town with dreams that he figured he would never see.  The feel of the ocean waves on his legs, or to dance the night away in Nashville. Steve dreamed and kept living day after day driving the tractor around the field hoping that someday his dreams would be fulfilled..
One day his dreams started to materialize, but not as he had thought but never the less they did. He had the privilege of traveling all 48 states  seeing the beautiful world we live in.  The dreams  came reality from vast fields of the mid west to tall buildings of New York City. He never was able to dance the night away but he and his wife Bev did do a lot of dancing in Nashville at the Wild Horse Saloon.

Steve found success is more than money, hot cars or beautiful lighted  trucks, or your name on the credits as the producer of a TV series.  Success is  a family, believe in God, raising obedient children, grand and great grand children.

Success means different things to different people. SunDog Film Productions is about the success of people and their stories.


SunDog Film Productions was created in 2007 while Steve Allen was standing on the slope of Snow King Mountain in Jackson, Wyoming. Thoughts had been coming to him in previous months but the thoughts did not seem to have any direction. It was Thursday morning, below freezing temperatures, as things started to materialize. He had received a phone call a few weeks earlier from a friend that asked him if he had the time to come and help film the "World Champion Snowmobile Hill Climbs" in Jackson. Yes, was his response but he had never run a video camera. Standing on the slope at 10:00 AM things began to materialize. He reached for his phone and called his wife. Honey this is it. What is it, came the reply from the other end.  I don't know completely but it is about filming. Little did Steve know that five short years later he would be sitting in his living room watch "Fishing the Pacific Northwest" his 13 episode series airing on the Pursuit Channel on Dish TV that he had shot and produced. The rest is history. Oh, where did the name "SunDog Film Production"s come from? From his little long haired four legged Tamone, as he was sitting in a lawn chair on the beach looking  into the sun and enjoying it.  And yes the logo is the picture  of Tamone shot that day sitting in the chair. 

The Movie Star
Steve Allen
Bev Allen
Book Keeper
Steve Allen has a BS degree from Utah State University. Is a registered producer for the Discovery Network and RFD TV (Rural America) with studios in Omaha and Nashville. Is the executive Producer for "Fishing the Pacific Northwest" series that aired nationally on Dish TV on the Pursuit Channel in 2012. Has produced many short video promotions for local Pacific Northwest area. Studio is located in Vancouver, Washington.
Due to our growth we are looking for independant contractor individuals that have talents in video production. You will work from home on a part time bases. Time dead lines may apply. Compensation will be based on a project rate. All will be required to sign a noncompetive contract.