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SunDog Film specializes in tradeshow video design, filming and production straight to your booth for your propective clients.
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Steve's Mother said when Steve was young that he never stopped talking. It appears that she was right, but as the years have passed by with Steve's repeated travels across this great nation he has learned a lot and somethings he wished he had not learned, but expericence makes a person.
Stories, thoughts,and real life experiences keep us seeking more knowledge. Each of us can choose the path we want to follow.
The choice is yours.
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It's About the Belt
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Sweet Onions and a dog. Perfect for a hot summer day.

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SunDog Film got its first big break in 2012 when it produced and aired its first 13 episode series, (Fishing the Pacific Northwest ) nationally on the Pursuit Channel on National TV on the Dish Network.
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